Facility Info

TRACK MAILING ADDRESS: 4265 Briarcliff Rd Nashport, Ohio, 43830

TRACK ENTRANCE: The North side of the intersection of Grove Rd and Briarcliff Rd

APPROXIMATE TRACK GEO: Latitude: 40.118150 Longitude: -82.223490

TRACK RADIO STATION: Tune to 88.5 Fm to hear all track announcements over the PA system.

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Briarcliff Mx consists of three different levels of motocross tracks, and 2.5 miles of trail loop. The facility as a whole has gradual to moderate elevation change, roughly 30-40 feet.  All soils are clay based with traces of sand in different locations, and no shale. Quite possibly the best natural soil found anywhere. The facility rests on a 140 acre tract of land, and can currently provide up to 15 acres of flat parking.

The Big Track – The original Briarcliff Track. The track has a length of ~1 mile, and is a min. of 20′ wide. This track  is the most challenging track we offer. It has an array of obstacles ranging from 50′ tables to 100′ tunnel jumps.  The uphill triple, center tunnel, and finishline tunnel are key jumps on the track.  Mostly A and B class riders are on the Big Track. The average lap time for the big track is about 2 minutes.

The C Track – We have changed this track significantly over the last year and a half, It’s much more tame than the Big Track.  Mainly consisting of tabletop style jumps, this is a good place for beginner adults and weekend warriors to learn, as well as seasoned vets to get warmed up for a day of riding. This track is roughly 3/4 of mile in length.  On average the lap time is about 1 minute.

The Pitbike/Mini Track –  We created this track to give the kids on 65’s & 50’s a place to ride, as well as the adults, who want to be kids again on the 50’s and 110’s.  This track has a host of smaller tables, doubles, rollers, and banked turns.

Track Prep – Each track is prepped for every open ride day.  Traditionally we rip, water, and disc all the tracks, then go over each one with a dozer (where/when needed).  We try very hard to give the riders the best experience possible every single time they enter the facility.  We take our prep very seriously.

The Trail Loop – The trail loop was created to give variety to the facility as well as add a spot for the weekend warriors to play.  Almost all of the loop is in the woods, with a small part of it in fields.  The loop is ~2.5 miles in length, and is intended to be one directional.  The trail is marked with arrows. The trail is a minimum one quad wide. Please ask for directions if you are unsure of where the trail begins and ends.

Facility Map:

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2011 Facility Map

2011 Facility Map