Open Ride 4-16 & 4-17

Open today, Sunday, 11-5pm, $25 per rider.  Tracks are good!

I would expect a similar schedule to yesterday: (big track) Open track 11-1, Prep at 1, sessions from 2-4, open 4-5. Yesterday we did 3 groups: A/B (I jump everything consistently and Im moving), C Group (im just riding dude), and Mini Group (85-90cc and under). If we have a lot more quads we will add a quad group, but this is doubtful.

Open Riding 4-2 Only! Closed Sunday!

Open today, 11-5pm, tracks are dry, probably have to water lightly. Going to be chilly, better get some noodles today before they run out! I have already recieved requests for kids groups, so expect sessions around 1pm.
Im cancelling Sunday, with the wind chills tomorrow, and the possiblilty of rain this evening, its just not a good scenario. So today is it for this weekend. Come get some.