10-29 & 10-30

Well it’s the end of our 2016 schedule

Open Sunday 11-5pm, $25 per rider, all tracks open and prepped. Quit riding in the new parking area that’s dirt, this isn’t your moms yard dammit. You leave tracks, have eyeballs, I see things. Thank you.

BC 10-8 & 10-9

Open today! Saturday 10-8!  $25 per rider. Regular open practice, planning to be open tomorrow; Sunday with the following exceptions: on Sunday we will have our annual tribute or memorial ride. Some are calling this the Matt Miller ride, which you can call it that, or the Ryan Longstreth ride, or quite honestly its for anyone you’ve lost or anyone you just want to get out and ride for. Its a memorial ride. This is not an official Rob Miracle or Koty Howard ride, I dont think the familys are ready for it, so out of repsect we are not calling it that, but you can bet they will be in my head all day.

We will be having a pitbike race Saturday evening, the usual classes, 10″, 12″, cheater etc…..If you have to ask, you are probably a cheater. Practice at 5:30, race at 6.
On Sunday, it will be a fairly typical practice day, except we will be doing a single file tribute lap to comemorate our fallen friends at 1:00pm sharp. No passing, no riding out of first gear, single file, respect it. I will be unveiling the Matt Miller signs on Sunday. Custom made one off signs that were made from some of the proceeds from the last two years. Now lets cross our fingers for the good weather we are owed.