The Mowdown is Coming, July 26th!

The Mowdown is coming!!  Saturday July 26th, starting at 5pm.  Every paid admission has a chance to win an Ipod, a Husqvarna Leaf Blower, or a Go Pro Helmet Cam. General admission is just $10 for ages 12+, ages 11 and under are FREE.  Lawnmower road course racing and tractor pull…..Twice the action…Big thanks to Wright Brothers POWER LLC. They are helping us out big time!


6-29 HMMS Demo Day, open ride!

Open today, Sunday June 29, for Honda of Marysville demo day. All tracks open like normal, $25 per rider like normal. It’s an open ride day with Honda demos thrown in there. 11-5pm.  They are bringing a450, 250, 150, 150bw, CRF50, and some trail bikes. Should be awesome.

LL Area Qualifier this Weekend May 16-17-18th!

Well the time has arrived. Gates open at 4pm-11pm on Thursday May 15th. Gates open Friday and Saturday from 6am-11pm May 16-17th. Gates open Sunday May 18th at 6am.

There will be cones at the gate, please file into one of the aisles. You will be parked by the BC staff. If you want park together with someone, you will need to arrive together, and still isn’t a guarantee. Russ will park you, I will deal with any problems on a case by case basis.

Practice on Friday, 10-4pm. $25 per rider. There will be groups. Including the Vet Group. You must have an AMA membership to practice.

Racing Sign up times are listed on the AQ page on the BC site.

Everyone will need an AMA membership to race, no OMA required. All minors must be present at sign up, every must have their gate wristband on at all times. For all limited (stock) classes you will need the last seven of your vin number at sign up.

Everyone wanting to qualify for the Mideast regional will need to buy a $10 qualifier form from Mx sports. We will have a tent outside sign up to get people an AMA membership and a qualifier form. You must have these before entering sign up, you will not fill these out inside the trailer.

All the classes for Saturday and Sunday are listed on the AQ page of the BC site.

Now for the cool stuff. Our awards blow the battle trophies to pieces. They are aluminum. That’s right Aluminum. Top four get these bad boys, 5-8th will get acrylic awards or medals. I have IHOP free meal cards for the top 5 in all youth classes for Saturday, and for select adult class moto wins. I also have a boat load of swag from Tucker Rocky, Answer, MSR, Pro Taper. Also feel free to get rehydrated after each moto at the Gatorade rehydration station thanks to Gatorade. Just look for the Gatorade tent and the friendly ladies.

The starting gates is completely dug out and ready to roll, over 200 track markers installed today, more banners……and we took those stupid rollers off the chisel. I’m going to bury it to core of the earth. It just might be ……Epic.