KTM Demos 8-8 & Help Christian Wornstaff Ride 8-9!!

This Saturday, 8-8, the KTM semi will be in the house.  The C track will be closed for Demos only!  Big track, kids track, and trails will open as normal.  11-5pm, $25 per rider. Things you need to participate in Demos:
1. Must be 18 years+
2. Proper Safety gear – Long pants, long sleeve jersey/shirt, over the ankle boot, helmet goggles, gloves at a minimum
3. Bring your drivers license
4. You need a ticket from a KTM Dealer.
If you aren’t doing Demos, you just need #2….you always need #2
On Sunday, all tracks open and trails open like normal, We are planning to have a poster available for people to sign for a donation to Christian Wornstaff.  We will match the total donations up to $500.  Please come help him out.

Practice 8-2, NO KTM TODAY

Open today (Sunday), 11-5pm , $25 per rider.  All tracks open and prepped.  I even cleaned up the trails!!  Are they good enough for motocrossers?? NO! Are they better?  YES!  If you have to ask how the trails are, then you dont belong in there……Fact.



Practice 7-26

Good day yesterday, we will be open again today(Sunday) at 11. Looks like the rain, if any, may hold off till late afternoon. Plenty of seat time to be had.  Tracks will be prime at 11.

Practice 7-19, Honda Demos!

Open today at 11, Honda demos provided by Honda of Marysville Motorsports!!!  Come by and say hello to Conor and crew.  All tracks open like normal, don’t freak out.  You can ride your own bike.  Tracks should be good, no rain last night or yesterday.  Looks like the possibility of thunderstorms is holding off till 4-5pm, so come get your ride on.

Friday July 3rd, Open Practice!

This Friday, July 3rd, we will be open 12-5pm, “Eff the rain ride”. Looks like we may just get a break on the weather, maybe. Looks like rain ending tonight, and favorably dry through friday. Thats a recipe for Epic. Clean your air filters, change your oil, call off work. Tracks will be dialed.