Practice 9-12 & 9-13

We are scheduled to be open this weekend per the 2015 BC schedule on our website.  This weather pending.  They keep changing the forecast (go figure), which seems to be the 2015 weather theme.  However, if the track is in good shape, we will be open 11-5pm, both days.  Please check back the morning of each ride to be sure.  Thanks.

GP Cancelled 9-13

I am cancelling the GP that is scheduled for this weekend for a variety of reasons. Lack of interest, personnel, awards, and decent weather. I scheduled it too close to the Battle, many of our helpers are still recovering, myself included. Looks like we will be getting a good shot of rain this week, so the trails will be more of a disaster than usual. Its been a good fight the last two weeks with the weather, but I don’t think I have another 16 hours of pushing off mud in me. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I think its better to do it now than Saturday night. Honestly, I’m out of gas to put on races right now. We should have waited till October.