BC 4-25 Saturday Only!

Im changing the schedule, like anyone looks at it. Briarcliff Mx will be open Saturday only this weekend (April 25th), no Sunday. Im planning to race at Chillitown. So if you want to ride the Cliff, Saturday it is. Looks like the rain should be later in the evening, so we should get a full day of riding in. Open 11-5pm, $25 per rider. Concessions open, tracks open, can of spinach open, eyes open and THINK

Track Open Sunday 4-5-15

We will be open 11-5pm, $25 per rider. Concessions open, tracks open.  Pretty good too.
One new thing.  You wont be able to bring a trailer bigger than 12-14′ up briarcliff to make a right hand 180 into the track drive, there is stop sign on the corner now.  So, you need to come from the Hanover side of Briarcliff.  Basically Licking Valley Road to Briarcliff rd, then make a slight left or straight into the track drive.

That’s a Wrap on 2014!

So many things went down this past season, I could write a short novel on 2014. I had quite a few recalls of the season as I finished pulling pennants and stakes from the ground, and getting everything ready for winter. Well for the most part it is ready. We are officially closed for this season. Its been a whirlwind of a ride, so many people to thank. I don’t know how we did it, but I think we eclipsed the growth of the first 8 years in one big year. Wait, I do know how we did it. Our volunteers and Cliff supporters are the best at what they do. My team has a strong work ethic burned into their DNA. We would be nowhere with the help we receive. See you in 2015, THANKS again!